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Louvers & Dampers

Ventilation air movement through designed ventilation openings requires acoustic louvers to reduce noise which, exits the facility via process and exhaust fans, motors, compressors, and other rotating machinery, and is deemed excessive by outside sensor points. Conventional metal louvers are typically part of intake/exhaust ventilation systems and sometimes are cosmetic only, so where exiting noise is a critical factor, acoustic louvers need to be considered to improve noise mitigation.  

Midair Industrial provides acoustical louvers, designed for industrial duty air control applications. These louvers are engineered for optimal performance and efficiency. The overall ventilation system design, including the number of fans required, air change rate, and horsepower requirements, are factors that need to be considered when selecting acoustic louvers.

Acoustic louvers are available with inclined flat or aerodynamic blades. Aerodynamic blades are used in applications where high airflow efficiency is required. All blades have a top covering of aluminum and a bottom covering of perforated aluminum, with the blade interiors packed with sound absorbing insulation that is both fire and water resistant.


In applications where covering larger areas is required, louvers are positioned together to gain maximum coverage.

Types of Louvers: