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Midair Industrial has years of experience in providing industrial duct design, with ductwork systems built to suit your specific application and needs. You want all the right duct, clamps, collectors, flanges, and blast gates at your disposal before the installation of your ductwork begins. That requires knowledge and experience in industrial ductwork system design and professional delivery of an exceptional air system. All of this can be achieved using US Duct that is Made in America.

Midair Industrial has partnered with US Duct to provide a full line of standard and special fabricated industrial ducting, including galvanized, stainless-steel, and carbon steel ductwork. Just
tell us your application and requirements. Midair Industrial is fully equipped to provide custom galvanized and stainless-steel ductwork to suit your specific needs. Midair Industrial offers a large range of options beyond stainless-steel ductwork. We offer products in a variety of sizes beginning at 3”. Our options for gauges range from 24” to 3/16”. We can also supply you with all types of joining methods, including flanges, raw ends, airtight clamp-connect tubing and rolled-lip (clamp together) ducting.

Applications for Coated or Finished Ductwork:
Ductwork Schematic

Ductwork can be costly, so we offer our customers the chance to review the specs, dimensions, and system before purchase. Imagine that you could walk around your facility and see the duct system before you buy it. Well with US Duct you can. If you can provide us a hand sketch with dimensions, then we can turn it into a 3D drawing with a complete parts list and quote.

Types of coatings for ductwork: